Pakistan Ulema Council issues Fatwa cancelling religious gatherings

March 17, 2020

In wake of the rapid spread of coronavirus in the country, All Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) on Tuesday issued joint fatwa to postpone all religious gatherings with immediate effect. According to details, the council has decided to limit Friday sermons at mosques across the country while distance should be maintained at the time of prayers. Mosques have also been advised to hold congregational prayers on the floor, which should be cleaned regularly.

The Fatwa has also outlined some general guidelines for the people to follow, including recitation of holy verses, avoid shaking hands, the sick and elderly should pray at home and cleanliness in ablution areas of mosques should be ensured. This development came after the Minister for Religious Affairs and Council of Islamic Ideology officials reached out to Islamic scholars and relevant leaders to work out the modalities for effective management of religious services in the wake of coronavirus.

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