CAA bans entry of visitors at airports in Pakistan amid coronavirus

March 16, 2020

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Monday banned entry of visitors coming along with the passengers at the country’s airports. This was decided in a high-level meeting of the Civil Aviation Authority amid coronavirus fear. According to the decision, no one would be allowed to enter airports rather than the passenger himself. The passenger will have to shift his luggage by his or her own.

Only driver of the passenger would be allowed to enter the airport premises. ” The drivers would be allowed to park their vehicles in the parking areas of the airports.” The CAA in its statement further said, the decision is aimed at providing secure environment to the passengers and minimize the risk. The CAA has appealed the citizens to avoid unnecessary visits to the airports as it could become a source of virus spread.  Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) started implementing the decisions taken in the National National Security Council (NSC) meeting on Saturday and closed five major airports of the country for international flights.

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