Lightening kills 3 in Thar as rains lash parts of Sindh

August 29, 2019

Lightning strikes killed three people and a number of animals in several areas of Thar district as rains lashed parts of Sindh on Thursday. According to police and hospital sources, a woman, Parma Takar, 30, was killed in village Arjak near Diplo town after being struck by lightning. Separately, two boys identified as Yasin Asharaf and Mumtaz Ali Nohrio were also killed by lightning in village Moujayo near Diplo town.

Dozens of livestock were killed in related incidents in Chhachhro and other areas of Thar۔ Islamkot, Chhachhro, Mithi, Diplo, Kaloi, Dahli, Kensar, Nagarparkar, Kasbo and other areas of Thar region received moderate to heavy showers today. Almost all streets and roads in the towns were inundated by gushing rainwater Meanwhile, continuous rains for the past three days have played havoc with the infrastructure in almost all towns of Badin district.

Several low-lying areas, localities and villages in the district are completely inundated. Similarly, several rain drains are overflowing in Tando Bago sub district while an embankment in Pangrio town has developed a 20-feet breach. Continuous rains have also badly distributed the power supply and telecommunication systems in various areas of the district.

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