Feroze Khan has filed a defamation lawsuit against celebrities, including his ex-wife Aliza Sultan

January 30, 2023

For the past few months, Feroze Khan has been making headlines. The beginning of it all was his divorce from his ex-wife Syeda Aliza Sultan. The two have been engaged in a highly public custody dispute over their two children, Sultan and Fatima. News of Aliza Sultan's alleged mistreatment by her former spouse Feroze Khan emerged during the custody dispute.

Due to this, Feroze Khan has been the subject of extensive public debate and condemnation.

Khan has refuted the charges and announced that he is defending himself in court; he is now claiming that they are an effort to smear him.

Following a fight with his ex-wife Aliza Sultan, actor Feroze Khan started a legal battle by mailing legal warnings to numerous other celebrities who had publicly expressed their criticism of him.

Feroze Khan tweeted the news to his followers.


No description available.

The list includes the following celebrities:

The actor's ex-wife Syeda Aliza Sultan.

The filmmakers Musaddiq Malek(Habs Director)  and

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

The actors Osman Khalid Butt,

Mira Sethi,

Minal Khan,

Aiman Khan,

Sarwat Gilani,

Yasir Hussain.

The signer Farhan Saeed,

Asim Azhar.

They all have received the legal notice?


On his official Twitter account, Feroze Khan initially posted the legal paperwork with the addresses and direct phone numbers of these celebrities.

Fahad Mirza, the husband of Sarwat Gillani, expresses his disappointment with Feroze Khan's action in the sharing of personal information about celebrities.

Her husband, Fahad Mirza, called out Khan on Instagram and called him a "moron of the greatest order" when the court notification was made public along with the artists' private information.


But he then deleted the aforementioned notice from social media and added

"Defamation legal notice has been served by my legal team to those false and baseless allegations."

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